Just another day – and Apple too lol

Ipod Nano

Ipod Nano

Ipod Touch

Ipod Touch

Once againt talks are at an advanced stage and there was a “major breakthrough”, justa bit left to finalize the power sharing deal. Umm, we wait and see. Lets hope they not getting our hope high for nothing, and we end up with the events of last month.

Is it just me or is voting and political struggles the main focus on the planet right now. There’s this Zimbabwe thing right. Then there’s the voting in Angola (took long enough), Pakistan, Russia and Georgia, Obama and McCain, Zambia…could this be leading to something? Hear all those in favour of conspiracy theories start chanting lol lol
Oh, and on that note – a poll taken world wide seems the majority would rather have Barrack Obama as president of the United States. Like that was unpredicatable. I mean it aint nothing to make headline. We all know Bush basically left the door open for the Democrats and whoever would have won between the Democrats candidates would have been favoured over any Republican. What matters is what the Americans think. what they want. Didnt polls prior to the last elections also indicate Bush wasnt favoured by the majority? So why go again and waste time with these polls that do not matter at all – i wonder how many copies of the paper was bought just cuz it had that headline on front. shameful.
And is the United States more communist than China? read more here

Anyway, i hear them apple okes have come up with another new fancy gadget. Oh no, wait a minute, it aint new. Just another remodified version of the one lil thing that managed to save the firm. Its been ipod this and ipod that since they came. I though Apple stood for something different, but now it seems like they running outta fresh ideas and all they doing is sticking a new ipod related gadget in our face..Ipod Videa, Nano, Shuffle, Iphone, Ipod touch..IPOD IPOD IPOD IPOD. Gosh, when is something worth mentioning coming through. The lates is the remodified versions of the iPod nano and shuffle. Slimmer and with new functions. Really. Like i wasnt able to do all i wanted with my ipod already. Like my old one was just too heavy it had to be cut down in size. GIVE US SOMETHING STEVE AND STEVE! Or could this just be another plot to take advantage of us gadget junkies for wanting to have the machine. The price you pay for the finer things!
Fourth Generation NANO.smh. I like how Craig Grannell of Cult of Mac took it
“Fairly modest expectations were barely me and all we got were skinny things we already knew about nayway.”
And how about Apple’s share price falling 7 points.
The words of Barrack Obama “You know, you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.”
They have howver cut $70 off the ipod touch. Time to replace my nano i think. I’m hopeless!
New Gadgets anyone. Sony, LG, Creative, microsoft lol.

And seems i’m still stuck wit yall – the world didnt today after all. read more

so till i post again., go buy the new ipod touch and be a conformist.


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