Old Post – Liverpool, New Great Depression

Dont know why last weeks post didnt appar so am posting it again/..

Amazing how life simply goes on after all the hustle and the fuss – but then again, Rome wasnt built in a day, and neither was Greece nor Zuggarts(or maybe this was, them was some intelligent people [eddie griffin says it all]).  I think the people of Zimbabwe have come to the realisation itll take one helluva long time for things to return to normal.   Yea,the deal was signed – then – – – sanctions still on, aid aint comin yet “you have to prove yourselves”..i guess errbody gotta.  I doubt them sponsors have as much faith in Tsvangirayi as they let believe, because if they had, theyd be no trial period.  They would have had faith in that he wouldnt sign himself into a corner, but now they not sure if he did the right thing.  Now we play the waiting game…question is how long we gon wait.???  Twasw funny to read what some oke on a BBC forum was on about “leave them peeps, it aint our problem”. FOr such people, i reserve my true comments.  All i gotta say is “Do some research dude.  History is what makes today today!”

Or, yall been following the “New Great Depression”? See how all em big American firms seem to be tumbling down bit by bit.  Today the US Federal Reserve annnounced an US$85billion rescue package for the biggest insurance firm in the States, AIG. Bear Stearns gone. Merrill Lynch, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Lehman brothers, gone. Who’s next?  Word is travelling fast of a “New Great Depression” and analysts say its 1929 all over again.  Is it a reality check?  Is the debt catching up.  SOmeone seems to have just been pumping money into the sytem and throwing bills here and there.  And note – this will be blamed on Geroge Bush, if it does happen, though i think its been a long time coming.  Oh Bush, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sept 11, Abu Graib(or howeva you spell it), now this.  Bet he cant wait till Obama wins innit. lol.. though some conspiracy theorists (lol) calim Hillary Clinton is gon get him shot blah blah blah blah.  Yes there is those who dont want him on top – but this aint the days of Kennedy. The world is watching, and gosh will there be trouble.  Yall seen the Kennedy cover up right – the brains falling from the back and they say the shooter was behind him. smh smh and smh some more.  Obama is here to stay, howeva, I find it hard to think of a specific group endorsing this “black” man to be the leader of the so called “gratest nation” lol “The free world” – really? like are you kidding me.  Free? aint no body free up in there.  Heard Nas’ track, We are not alone??  Are they really ready to see a black president…” Is racism really over? Okay it aint and never will be, but is there enought black people and sensible white folks to send the black man to the White “man’s” House?

Back to the real world, Mbeki’s in trouble again.  Well, not that he should pay too much attetion to those attention seeking ******* They want him out.  Come on now – let him finish, yes he didnt do a gr8 job, but what yall think – Zuma gon do better. Really?

And them LiverpoolFC boys done did it again.  Played okay, well no, twas rather pathetic looking at the opposition, but i guess the point of the game is winning.  Had to call upon Captain Fantastic, Stevie G and star in the making Ryan Babbel(who won the penalty converted by Stevie for his 2nd of the night) to save us, after an unexpexted lapse of concentration from the ver reliable Jamie Carragher had let the Marseille boys dream of a repetition of last season’s expoloits.  Well, not this time lil boys, its big boy time, and this season belongs to Liverpool.  Finally we can win after playing badly – thisz what champions are made of.!  YNWA!!

Yall heard of the Codex Alimentarius bid to take over the world.? “We will use food as a weapon.”  I maintain, this world belongs to the Lizard People!!! lol lol lol

till next time


PS: Update and recent post coming up..note:Liverpool disappoint, THABO MBEKI “FIRED” (BIG MISTAKE)…, ManUtd Chelsea, Obama, The US economy-the great depression coming…ManCity Football Club



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