Hello World

this the topic thats used when one starts a blog innit – the very first message.  it’s like your first shout-out to the world. Saying hello.  Well, I feel i been away from this blog for too long – its time i say hello again.  Hope all yalll doing alright and not caught up in the crazy madness up in this world..bombings, shootings, history making, – the like…

History making – Obama – yea i know its kinda late but who wouldnt mention it when the whole world seems to think this one black man will be able to revitalise a seemingle hopeless situation.  he can only do so much, so please lets lay off a lil with the expectatioins innit…

Hamilton – yea yea – I’m pro Massa/Kimi and Ferrari so i wont say much but conspiracy – talk about the worst final lap i’ve ever seen leading to hamilton overtaking at the final moment..But congrats to the dude..bring it on next year (oh yea, lets not make it bigger than it is please – its just a sport innit).

Liverpool – well. we’re on top is all i have to say – so stop with the bickering and accept.  maybe the job wasnt done the Arsenal way or waeva – but it was done still.  No1 give Chelsea grief over losing to Burnley, but Liverpool draw with WestHam its a tragedy. RELAX!!!!!!! The title is coming home….

OJ SIMPSON!! We still await sentencing.  I was on some site that labelled him former football star/murderer. WTF? What happened to innocent till proven guilty.  I thought he was found not guilty – and even told yall how de’d have done it….let the man be.

And them bombs and shootings in India.  Yall got warned by the US – apparently – and nofn was done.  Oh were they warned? Its funny how after many major attacks there seems to always be some story on how someone was warned or there were ignored signs blah blah – just to put the blame on some1…how bout them criminals.?

Quick post i know – but will be back with more in a bit.  Just a shout to let yall know i’m back for real.

stay safe



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