Greatest Track Of all Time

I give you my all – but it seems like that’s not enough

“She see something in me that I don’t – and I see somehting in her that yall wont – so if you never been in love dont tell me I’m wrong!”

“There’s three types of people in this word you know,

So you either gon’ make shit happen OR
Watch shit happen OR
Not know what happened”
Relevance – well this beat is beauty – this is Mood Music for real.  I been on this Joe Budden Trail since Mood Muzik albums and a few peeps dont understand what I’m on about so here is an example – one of his best tracks yet.  See, Joey aint all about Pumpin it Up and Fire inthe club and isht..This proper music – not some Soulja Boy crap.  Music for the soul.

New album coming soon – Padded Room.  Yall better buy that isht.  I mean if you got cash to waste on a 50Cent album- why not Joey the great…

Watch This Space for more…………………………

It’s that On Top Music!!!



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