Obama on Israel and Gaza…ummmm

Yes i know – “Oooh timbo, that’s a touchy subject.” Right? Well…Yes! And so i speak on.

Israel vs Palestinians (Read this for your own judgement and assessment, helped by th opinions and links from a bunch other people!


Nothing to say still?

Nothing to say still?

So there are reasons for the war, like with ever other war. But what is concerning me the most is the “Hope of the World’s”(Barack Obama’s)  stance regarding recent mishaps. Nothing. Silence. I must admit as a pro-Obama, pro-Change person myself this is, well, not yet disapointing, but it definately raises questions, : which may still be answered so lets not sharpen our knives yet i guess. 

However, depite Obama’s consistent reminder on one president policy – how come he can step up and say something about the India crisis but still remain silent on oneo the worst situations in recent history – Isarel/Palestinian conflict?  okay, maybe too much pressure is being pout on him as he is only just the USA president, but being the president of the so called “free world” – “largest economy”, “greatest nation”, one has to be unswerable to certain situations, esp seeing as they have so much influence on the UN (Unites States Of America Nations imao).

So he says he living it until at leat January 20th, so we wait until then and listen to what trhe brother got to say and see if we were right in having wordl wide celebrations regarding the first Black(ummm…) USA president.  As a man it seems the dude got it going and know what he on about, so whats left to see is if he a man of his word, or just some other politician.


Remember the day..........

Remember the day..........

His rival is now part of his team (an obvious stance to win some not so convinced Democrarts and “thinking but not accepting” Republicans. Some change huh? yet again, we wait and see.

I am not here to bash, but am looking at it from the point o view of a frustrated someone who expects too see some form of action towards the proposed during the campaign.  Its the same as Tsvangirayi disappearing from Zimbabwe at one o the worst time possible, not saying anything when the people clearly need someone to lead em in the revolt against a scorned black man.  Black on black crime!?? lol

we cant be screaming 40 acres and a mule against one o our own can we?

Anyhoo, thought provoking as it may be – twas meant to be ha ha ha..Like Eddie Griffin said “Think! Its not illegal YET”..sit down and have a thought and se if what you believe in is leading/reasonable or simply conformity\\\which er1 knwz led to Obama’s winning – err1 was proObama as twas fashionable”..

from th printed t-shirts, blogging, chatting..blah blah..leading to eventually voting .

people stood together for someone believed to be the new leader, the pioneer o change(seeing as that was the campaign slogan)..People need to see, not hear of change”!

spoken from the heart.  A tru Obama supporter shocked by the stance on the Palestinian and iaraeli situation.  One tend to wonder what the u.s. really wants from Israel..

Imma get shot enit..too many questions. Well, someone gotta ask them! ha ha

timbo out!


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