Been way too long

Just got a message on how i haven’t updated this blog and have realised how long it has been.  Had too much work and i must say i’ll try and post some more….

for now – whats up…..

Well – Liverpool FC is back! I won’t say much on this one – home and away..and Real Madr…….who? ha ha. On the soccer tip – is it just me or does Ronaldinho need a major personality makeover. Was watching the Eucador v Brazil game, and dude was all over the place.  Maybe its time he joins the English Premier League – a new challenge!

Obama – yes of course i have to say something.  GM boss to step-down at the request of the White House.  Yes, I bet bush would have just sent the US$16.7bn required to “try” and drag them out of the mess they’re in.  Bush failed – its Obama’s turn. Show em how its done dude! And word is they’re working on a new Afghan approach and an eventual pullout…waking up to the reality of fact are we U.S.?


The Team

The Team???



However – Israel v Gaza.? Seem they taking the same stance as the Bush administration.  This is the major disappointing (well for most people anyway) thing in the Obama government.  Coming from a man who used “Change” as his campaign theme – seems a bit off dosen’t it.  Haven’t seem much change on the front but once again – i say – the man has only been in office for a bit so we give him time. Honestly though – its time to wake up and realise that Israel need a kick up the backside.  And the nerve of Ms Clinton Clinton  to single out Hamas rocket fire as the single biggest obstacle to peace, and not the Israeli attacks that killed over 1,300 Palestinians in Gaza earlier this year. What Change?? We wait and see..still have hope though



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