The Struggle Continues

It's Really thats simple

It's Really thats simple

The writing was on the wall. Did not need no rocket scientist to figure out.  Just plain and simple it was/is even though to some it may not have made much sense.
Baffling it may be but it is what it is to be – or it is what it is – well, at least that’s what it is to me.  If i could ever go back in history, I wouldn’t change shit, i’d leave it all just as it be. – why? Well, cause everything happens for a reason.


Its always a struggle for acceptance and respect.  Accept and respect and expect the same – but it don’t always work like that.  Some minds are just demented and cannot be explained – and only the victims can suffer the consequences.  Its like that Method Man and lauryn Hill – Say..What Goes Around – Nas..


Oh well – Gotta make a choice right – just pray its the right one.


Reminds me of back in the day when respect and honour was top the list. Now we live in a world of inexplicable acts, like sex for fun(self respect??), Soulja boy (lol), night clubs are Sodom and Gomorrah (Alvin remember this one lol) and are pick up places, Facebook (brilliant invention but so was the atomic bomb and all kinds o WMD’s – and the black hawk, but look at the repercussions), honour means nothing nomore, respect is seen as weakness….The struggle does continue.


Oh so what if I don’t wanna conform to the NWO. See, no1 can make you feel inferior without your consent, and you must always stand for what you believe in – ALWAYS, because nomatter what you do – judgement will be passed on that and criticsm plenty – so betta be criticised for something you can stand for rather than for something you do not care for and do not believe in. You cant please all the people all the time – but there’s always some that appreciate certain traits and they should never be take for granted.  You are your own person – make your own rules, dont let em make rules for you – and be happy with who you is and what you is about.


Remember – you will be judged and criticised for whatever you do – best be something you believe in.  Stand up! God will never give you nothing you cant handle!


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