I’m a staunch catholic – take all criticism as it comes and will still say the rosary often without any doubts.  That said though – it dont mean my eyes are closed to all the other religions of this world.  How can I – what if i’d been born in a muslim community and had been raised that way, what if i’d been raised differently – what gives me the right to dispute what someone else believes in – seeing esp they probably have as much faith in that as I have in mine.  And esp when some things dont add up but are just down to faith and open to discussioin.

For example – to quote Eddie Griffin – how did the deer from Brazil make it to the Noah’s Ark – went for a swim (or maybe that Atlantis thing aint just a myth… for thought huh)..or that only two people were created and multiplied (incest here huh?)


I personally think the Bible is one big metaphor – esp the old testament – which is open to interpretation.  If God’s Son came and was teaching us in parables, why can’t Genesis be another parable too, or Job, Exodus – not to be taken literally but for the deeper meaning. So meaning we don’t really know what it is- think – as much faith as a Christian has in Jesus, so does a Muslim in Mohammed – so what makes one know that They are right? Faith right. So lets stop with the criticism,,,,..

And them ones who busy going to “church” every Sunday so as to criticise those who do not go to put the signature on the register – come on now.  If we paid more attention to our own life and less to those of others, then maybe this world wouldnt be such a bad place to be.  Like so what if you go to “church” on Sunday and Monday you busy plotting and scheming, living against the word and yet are quick to point out how X, Y, Z are not part of what seems to be the new fashionable thing – do wtf you want Monday to Saturday – long as you go to “church” in Sunday.  For crying out loud – though we all had the Bible and Jesus’ teachings on hypocricy. So what if they do not go to some building, get all dressed up to show off their new clothes, and try and clean their name to their peers – do you know the kind of conversations between them and their God? Do you know how often they down on their knees praying – how often they read the Bible?  And what makes you think they care for your criticism, when in some instances its clear that attending the Sunday meetings is just a facade.  How about for starters making this world a better place – build and not destroy.  THINK! God is watching.

and on that note – how about looking up the definition of church.

It all boils down to one thing – imao – There is one God – and how we get to him dosen’t matter.  Why would he make 6 roads of getting to him and only accept one – long as you get there right.  And to those who wanna be all about the devil and blah blah – the devil’s road does not teach the form of lifestyles presented by most religions – the road to Satan cannot teach humbleness, love, honour, respect and all things nice 🙂 – the road to hell cannot lead you to God.

Oh – I’m going to burn in hell? How the flip do you know??

Juss me and my mad thoughts..

once again – in 2seconds 30minutes



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