So, South Africa votes – Stupidly!

Well, i guess this is the time I must add “in my opinion”…right? Or “the general opinioin”..? Well, fact is fact – it is stupid, though to the defence I may point out they really didn’t have that much of an option.


Zuma vs Zapiro - remember the days..

Zuma vs Zapiro - remember the days..

Oh well, I know I’ll probably get a lot of lip for this, but somebody has to say it –  and I aint the only one.  Cries have been on for change in the “Rainbow Nation” for a while, with many complaining about especially the controversial “housing scheme”, which hit major heights in Port Elizabeth after so much money was made available and nothing came from it.  SO the general ideas was that people would be fed up – with the RULING PARTY, not Thabo Mbeki.  Yes understandable there is a new man in charge, but how many would bet their lives on Zuma producing better results than the once repectable Thabo Mbeki (yes I may think he is better than Zuma, but that dont make him a Saint does it – reminds me of the Nelson Madela, Chris Hani saga! YES I SAID IT!).  Seems though all people wanted was movement of power from the Xhosa’s to the Zulu’s – irregardless of credentials.  However, all that said though – the options available weren’t the best I must ass.  The opposition was basically fighting amongst themselves, already submitted to the notion they will lose, and I bet that rubbed off onto any possible neutrals, and no one want a leader lacking in confidence.

Zapiro at it again

Zapiro at it again

Oh well…we do have to move on right.  So ANC has won again. Some change in that they couldn’t achieve the 2/3 majority needed to change the constitution, but we all know in Africa where there is a will, there is a way..and true democracy – well, I’m yet to see a natioin where true democracy exists. Yes that includes you America!  So what if a black man won –  democracy is a dream that will never be realised so long as money make the world go round.

Anyway, good luck to the people of South Africa and hope they made the right choice – no pun intended.  Seriously though – the last thing we want to hear is another nation screaming foul smell after jumping into a pit latrine.  It’s time to deal with the consequences, who knows though – amybe this may be a blesing in disguise.  Some are keen to say do not judge a book by it’s cover – well, we on chapter 7 and this book screams nothing but bullocks.

2seconds and 3o minutes later – i may be forced to swallow my words….



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