Swine Flu – Tsunami conspiracy




I’m sure a few in the last few days have had a scare of the “scarry” swine flu. A sniff here, a sniff there can get one headed for the padded room – paranoia takes over – more like “i see dead people”. Even Barack Obama had a scare – arguablythe most protected man in the world.  So the same question as a few posts back – how safe are we.

What is this swine flu business anyway? Well here is a link to wikipedia and for those who do not know much about it – that could be a perfect explanation for the disease.

Not scared yet? Well, remember (lol-remember lol) the 1918 flu pandemic – the millions killed worldwide.  So if you thought all the huss and fuss about Swine flu is bullocks – well – think again.  it’s here – and it’s deadly and be warned.  No this isn’t another of  timbo’s conspiracy theories (followers of my previous blog may know of other conspiracies – Night Clubs, FACEBOOK, Scientology, Zuma, Mugabe…the lot) – it’s real, and precaution should be taken. Precaution number one – don’t go to Mexico – well, not now, seeing as the outbreak started there.

That said though – this has conspiracy written all over it. I mean it’s open for exploitation.  Remember the Tsunami in Asia – the number of people killed. Well, the thought process behind that was it was God’s punishment. Read about it here – a report claiming Christians were spared by the tsunami – after having been refused to celebrate Christmas and were told to go to a high hill to celebrate their “Holy Day” – and therefore the man upstairs “responded”. Open for discussion huh? i thinks its bullocks though – oh, yes I am a Chrictian – staunch Catholic! Something to do a bit of research on huh – here is something else interestig to ready : Saved By Humility

Anyway, on the Swine flu tip –  i think we need prayer.

till next time



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