Chrisette Michele – Epiphany Review


coming soon....

coming soon....

01. Epiphany (I’m Leaving) 3:28

02. Notebook 3:46

03. What You Do (Feat. Ne-Yo) 3:22

04. Blame It On Me 4:09

05. All I Ever Think About 3:40

06. Playin’ Our Song 3:33

07. Another One 3:39

08. On My Own 3:47

09. Fragile 4:15

10. Mr. Right 4:22

11. Porcelain Doll 3:45

12. I’m Okay 4:17


Another pre-release got, still waiting for the release for purchase – but the album had to reviewed for the few who still need convincing this is the album to buy.

Epiphany opens well and sets the expectations high, something that can only be afforded by telented and confident musicians. The drums send you back to the old school classics, and you can slowly bop your head in appreciation and emotion.  Irregardless of your relationship status or whatever situation you may be in…you can still appreciate the soulful voice and beautiful words.  Notebook shows just how gifted the lady is – the way her voice stands out, well managed, high when it’s necessary – keeps the flow going. What you do is rather average – I personally am not a big Neyo fan, and i think that’s what spoils it for I am not in a position to judge – however Chrisette on the other hand sings her part well.

Blame it on me was one of the first i heard a bit ago and it had me raving and waiting impatiently for the album.  Instant hit when one hears it.  All I ever think about continues the trend of brilliance – so true and so real. The typical song that makes one think and end with a huge smile on. Playing our song had a faster beat to it but still does not kill the emotional side and the good vocals. Another one is one of my favorites on the album.  This track reveals her outstanding and unique voice and that goes well with the hip beat. On My Own another one of my favourites as well. Classic track.

Fragile adds a different tone and mood and is well executed.  Something Beyonce may try but all you would remember would be her shreaks and screams – whereas Chrisette does actually sing with the beat – same as Mr Right. Porcelain Doll is on that pro-woman tip – that said though it’s not as mad as most pro-lady tracks – not too in your face, and an oke could actually sit and listen to it – not just dance to another ” to the left – to the left”.

I’m Okay is the closer. Serenades you softly and slowly.  It’s the shivers down the spine track. Definately top 3 on the album.

All in all – this is a well done.

4/5 on production

5/5 on lyrics

5/5 on executioin

My album of the year so far – and Joe Budden’s Paddes Room was FIRE. Buy the album – if not impressed you can come get your money back from me.



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  1. Posted by joe on May 6, 2009 at 11:58 am

    great album


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