Google Me – Easy cyberstalking for the not so technologically gifted

So is Google taking on Facebook? Well, it seems so, and i can promise you this has a lot of reasoning behind it.

It seems the new “thing” is to google yor own name when you’re bored and have nothing to do sitting in front of a computer (how that’s possible I dunno – but then again).  And guess what turn up – if it aint your facebook page, connections – could be a few ridiculous incidents or comments – a High School picture you’d hoped was lost in History – and well, let’s just say chances are you are highly unlikely to find what you are looking for.


Profile Example

Profile Example

In Steps Google. Taking adavantage of their larger than life market share in the search department, they are now offering individuals an option to “control” what is displayed when someone “google’s them”.  Register for a google account, get your details on, including links to blogs, websites,linkedin, facebook, myspace, twitter – everything – upload a few pictures..and you’re home – Your life on everyone’s fingertips.  And imagine how Google can manipulate that – advertising revenue – they could swipe facebook off the map in an instant (unless of course if facebook launch a search engine – IMAGINE  that).

So many are disputing the cyberstalking idea. Well, if trends can be noted – these are bloggers – most of which have an idea on manipulating identity and search engines and protection as well right.  Now how about those who have not much idea about the possibilities.  Those who show their information – a lot of it – to anyone with acces to their facebook/myspace page.  At least that can be limited to friends (which we have now discovered dosen’t really mean what it means in social networking terms – hook ups / contacts / acquaintances maybe).  If you not agree – just go randomly through your facebook page and see how many have disclosed their physical addresses and phone numbers.  The facebook rush will take over and will see people disclosing too much personal information unnecessarily (main age group has been seen to be 14-23yrs old – stats).

So here is google bombarding you with unnecessary ads, your personal information on someone else’s fingertips, and eventually a knock on the door and you’re lying fingerless, no toes, tongue – in some ditch bleeding to death.


That said though – it can be an incredibly fantastic idea if used well.  So long as google does not decide to automatically fill in your details using your other goole accounts (say googletalk/googlemaps/ google reader/ blogger/ google aps/ orkut / picasa…well the lot) by default.  So for now you can have the luxury of filling in the deatils you want exposed and links you don’t mind showing – and you can ask your pals to “google you”, and boast a rather fancy well managed profile – till well, maybe google changes the requirements or decide to automatically enter you into orkut (which is not too shabby i must say myself – just didnt catch on).

So to those who enter information just to entr info – cyberstalkers can have access to the info since they do not need to be friends to view the pages….food for thought.  We wait and see how next goole is planning to take over the world.

No do not google me – I haven’t subscribed for that yet lol – however you can have you say and post comments, accusations, arguments – and we can chat about the new gadget for pedofiles and stalkers alike.



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