Web murderer given life sentence

Another victim of the internet that maybe you hadn’t heard about.  David Heiss has been given a life sentence after being found guilty of murdering a Nottingham, UK student, after he had been smitten by his girlfriend over the internet and had stalked her for some time.  You can read the full story here.  Still think my issue with the likes of facebook, google profiles is just another of my conspiracy theories.  It is happening around you, and it can happen to you.  Watching your back is mendatory – and watching what you do on the internet and who you talk to on the internet and give access to is vital because there are psycho’s out there – and I’m sure everyone believes they are a good judge of character.  Now look what the lil girl done did to herself – she gone get her boyfriend killed and will regret it for the rest of her life – all for internet chat, or “fun” or whatever it is termed these days.


concerned friend huh?

concerned friend huh?

All that said – dude got caught – finally sentenced and will pay for his ceimes – meanwhile families brokenhearted, loved one lost – and at the same moment someone else is becoming a victim but entering that forum, accepting that friend request, entering the chatroom, joining that site, giving out that phone number, address…

what more can i say….



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