Eminem – Relapse

What took me so long? I been trying to listen to this album from every angle : and well…


Eminem - Relapse

Eminem - Relapse

When you release albums like Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show, the standard set is extremely high even for someone as talented as Eminem.  My point is Relapse did not live up to expectations especially after the hiatus.  Everyone be screaming Eminem be back, and surely enough album sales will probably be high due to expectations and the single which is kind funny in a stupid Eminem way – but then tru fans of good music will be disappointed. Until they hear Hello – which i must say was outstanding – then some may be like – Oh okay, maybe a slow start..then it goes downhill again. Tracks worth mentioning are Hello, Same Song and Dance, Medicine Ball and Beautiful.  Yes according to some standards it may be an okay album, but for Em’s standards, especially in these times when HipHop needs a saviour other than Nas and Slaughterhouse…umm…nah.

Surely Em is a legend, he done it all, but if we look beyon the Marshall mathers LP, and imagine say this was his debut aldum – that new voice just won’t go down. Once in a while yea, on a few funny in a stupid Eminem way, yea, but on the whole album – on the emotional highs and lows with that tone….not going down.  The lyrics could have been better – dude kinda needs to realise there can only be so many Britney, Mariah and Jessica Simpson songs and still be able to be mentioned in the same phrase as today’s legends.  Else – one would think dude needs to GET A CHILDHOOD!

So whats the verdict : 

Production : 4/5

Lyrics : 3/5

Execution : 2.5/5 (get rid of that voice dude)

Waiting for the next album already..sure some of the tracks from his mixtapes should have made it onto the album – like “I’m having a Relapse”.



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