Philanthropical Conspiracy – Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, Oprah…?

What is it this time?  Well, nothing but just the world’s wealthiest people having some form of secret meeting to discuss ways to promote efforts to solve growing social problems in America and abroad.  Really? (dunno how i’d missed this one, but thanx for the heads up..)

Sponsered by Microsoft - philanthropilical guise

Sponsered by Microsoft - philanthropical guise

Together, the philanthropists in the room have committed a total of more than $72.5 billion to charitable causes since 1996, according to Chronicle of Philanthropy tallies.  Bill Gates, William Buffet, David Rockefeller, Oprah Winfrey, Ted Turner, George Soros and New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg..having some sort of secret meeting – world domination comes to mind.  What is it – Superfriends?  Why make much of a secret of it – when they all so vocal about how much they give to charity and what they do for the “lesser man”?

We wait and see…but watch out.  This brings back another episode of the “Lizard people”.  Led by the late princess Diana – main characters being The Queen of England, Prince Charles, George Bush…..YEA I SAID IT!!

Did NASA fake the moon landings? Was Pincess Diana murdered after discovering truth about the Lizard people? AIDS id man made. Jews run wall street and Hollywood (Cartman can back me up on this one)..Scientology (lol)??



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