Barcelona vs Manchester United – Lionel Messi vs Christiano Ronaldo

So Barca have done it. They are the European Football Champions.


Andres Iniesta

Barcelona have shown us what football is.  moving it so brilliantly and beautiful passes, patience (i know it’s a long shot but Liverpool have been close to that lately).  Iniesta once again shoce.  I have always maintained Iniesta is the best player in Barcelona, and today he has again shown us why he is such a gem.  The passes, the runs, the bal control..reminiscent of Zizou – not too fany but fancy enough and effective.  Kinda like the ball is stuck to his feet.

United started well, witg another Christiano Ronalo free kick ( i refuse to call him Ronaldo) gave Barca a few problems in the beginning,and Gerard Pique (former Man Utd) making argurably the most important tackle of the match.. but Barca got back into the game, with Iniesta feeding Eto’o, and him walking past Vidic and scoring from the near post.  Lonel Messi the scored with a brilliantly headed ball..making it 2 nil, and game over seeing Man Utd inability to keep the ball, let alone get hold of it…

Big Sam came to Part, Lio came to party and yes, my man of the match – INIESTA came to party..this is brilliant football.  Tevez started on the bench and am hoping this means a move to Liverpool..

(Oh – i’m writing this with 15minutes left to play – well its now extra time – thats how one sided the match has been)…

Listen to the standing avation Iniesta is getting after being replaced.  any Gray’s man of the match too…

Barca are champions ( i nkow i prefer Real Macdrid – but gosh – somebody need to tell Man Uts no1 retains the Champions Lerague)..






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