Ivan Van Sertima…Jade Goody

Confucius, Confucius
Sigmund Freud
And Fard Muhammad
Is it evolution or God?
Searching for the truth is a threat

This is the track that introduced me to confucius and his philosophies – and it also introduced a certain influential scholar – Ivan Van Sertima

I used to worship a certain Queens police murderer
‘Til I read the words of Ivan van Sertima
He inserted something in me
That made me feel worthier
Now I spit revolution
I’m his hood interpreter

Dr Ivan Van Sertima

Dr Ivan Van Sertima

The world has lost a true legend.  If you do not know much about him…umm…google him lol..or better yet – bing him (google controls your life too much, dont you want something new…)

Rest In Peace Doc…

A moment of silence please – and one for Jade Goody too – its been a minute since she been gone, but she done helped put a light on cancer and how anyone can be affected.  Remember how we were glued to the television since she was in hospital, watching her every move, marriage, struggle till she eventually left.  How the nation seemed to look  beyond all the drama and accept the beauty within.  If only we took life like that – appreciate people before they have been confined to their death bed…They say you don’t know what you got till it’s gone..

Jade Goody

Jade Goody

Till next time – let’s remember our loved ones who don left us….Cathy, James, Timothy, Tinashe, Hebert, Darlington, taken before your time – and much love to pops, Mr Innocent Nyakudya – the man behind this man – miss yall and love you loads! Life could be so much better…



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