Obama Speech in Egypt

Mubarak and Obama

Mubarak and Obama

The long awaited speech has been delivered.  Not too disappointing – seems the man can really speak and was not just campaigning to take a safe stance.  There is still the insisting the Muslim world and the US/West show mutual respect (which i think he should focus on the perceprions of the US/West mindstate as according to teaching the respose of the Muslim world is retaliatioin. ).  It’s not a fair playing ground – the Muslim world was treated wrong first for them to have the perceprions.  I mean yes America was attacked – but there was no need to stereotype – so i think as long as the US/West does not give the respect first – waiting for the Muslim world to give theirs first – there will never be change.  What Mr Obama has done has given the US/West an excuse to stereotype – saying we are also eing stereotyed – insted of just rising above it all and say sorry – that will not be perecieved as weak (which i think may be his fear), but a rather bold move towards a resolution.

On Israel and Palestine – a more solid stance was taken and it is good to see.  It’s now clear why he did not want to give much out in the pre-speech interview conducted buy the BBC a few days ago.

It is time for these settlements to stop!

My highlight was to hear the president of the United States of America quoting the Qur’an. lol

Many bloggers are on about how israel will try and kill Obama, attack the US..another theory coming through??

Benjamin Netanyahu : we are waiting for your response.



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