Iphone 3G S – Apple done it again…or have they?

Finally – the long awaited new Apple product is out – and well, first looks don’t seem impressive. Why? lets start with the name – Iphone 3G S…



So much for first impressions huh.  For more detailed specs on the phone – visit this link.  There has been improvements yes, but not much.  Seems apple is running out of ideas.  We have to commend them though for the new iPhone 3.0 Software that has was released with the 3G S – (omg what a name lol) – and will be pushed to all iphone users soon.

As for the iPhone 3G S itself – well – it will be released on June 19th, and obviously some of the usual gadget junkies will be waiting all night for them (naturally – thats how they make their money – fans!). Personally this is one gadget that has disappointed – I mean yes there is mention of great speeds – and the specs do say greater speed – but was hoping for a much better/sleeker design, just a few improvements as well know the iphone si not the most attractive phone on the market.

So for now – am on the Blackberry/Sidekick tip – was hoping this will be an excuse for an upgrade on the phone department for me (am still in love with my old school 6300 and LG Shine as mentioned before)..but for now – seems the only thing worth spenging money on is a Blackberry/Sidekick….

Apple disappoints again.  same as what happened last time they released the new ipod nano’s.  All hype and no shine – smh…Come to think of it – sence the ipod was introduced, what really “stand out” product has apple released???

we await the next “revolutionary” product from Mr Jobs and his people…



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