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Penis be gone

Its your typical case of boss screws secretary, but ends in a rather bizzare incident as the lady accidentally “chews off” the mans penis as she perform oral sex on him in the car – and the car gets hit by a reversing truck.

And naturally, the dude’s wife had hired  a private investigator to track her husband after suspecting he wa having an affair – and the investigator witnessed the whole incident. read more here.

lol – i’m sorry but thats funny as hell..



A few more Barkley TNT moments

long but worth the watch…


Charles Barkley Says Women Are Exaggerating Pain of Giving Birth

OMG Charlie…you done did it again lol

“It can’t be nearly as bad as playing a basketball game with a sprained ankle”

Why you never buy a woman a watch? Cuz there’s a clock on the stove..

Chris is gone lol NBA nights would be shit without these folks…All in a day’s laugh!

RALLYING ALL NUGGETS SUPPORTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New Zealand Couple disappear with NZD10million (£3.86million, US$6million)

What woukd you do if 100 times the money you applied for is deposited into your account? Own up, stay put and hope noone finds out, make a run for it?  Well, there was no time to decide for a New Zealand couple, after they received 10million on a 10 000 application.  bags packed, family too – and off to presumably Asia where the family is originally from.  The bank is refusing to reveal how much they withdrewsince they couldnt withdraw all of the money – but they’re off for a a lifetime lasting holiday presumably.


money matters

Memeber of the community were wondering why the garage owned by the couple had been closed for a while.  well, wonder nomore.  We have new member to continuously frowing list of millionaires.  Africa and South America are some of the many places the couple can flee to since, New Zealand does not have extradition agreements with most of the countries in the continents.

Somebody help me with the lotto numbers!


Two suicides and food for thought..

two suicides

See you in another life

 talk about creativity – or just numbness??





Michael Jackson plastic surgery….and forwards



before, after...and later

before, after...and later

and that other forward you recieved – well – itll just be sent to my otherinbox, but before you forward :


think about it

think about it

tired of “tired” forwards!


More Lolcats..

To respond to a few requests, here’s one…


and another one


pardon me i had to laugh at that lol