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Swine Flu – Tsunami conspiracy




I’m sure a few in the last few days have had a scare of the “scarry” swine flu. A sniff here, a sniff there can get one headed for the padded room – paranoia takes over – more like “i see dead people”. Even Barack Obama had a scare – arguablythe most protected man in the world.  So the same question as a few posts back – how safe are we.

What is this swine flu business anyway? Well here is a link to wikipedia and for those who do not know much about it – that could be a perfect explanation for the disease.

Not scared yet? Well, remember (lol-remember lol) the 1918 flu pandemic – the millions killed worldwide.  So if you thought all the huss and fuss about Swine flu is bullocks – well – think again.  it’s here – and it’s deadly and be warned.  No this isn’t another of  timbo’s conspiracy theories (followers of my previous blog may know of other conspiracies – Night Clubs, FACEBOOK, Scientology, Zuma, Mugabe…the lot) – it’s real, and precaution should be taken. Precaution number one – don’t go to Mexico – well, not now, seeing as the outbreak started there.

That said though – this has conspiracy written all over it. I mean it’s open for exploitation.  Remember the Tsunami in Asia – the number of people killed. Well, the thought process behind that was it was God’s punishment. Read about it here – a report claiming Christians were spared by the tsunami – after having been refused to celebrate Christmas and were told to go to a high hill to celebrate their “Holy Day” – and therefore the man upstairs “responded”. Open for discussion huh? i thinks its bullocks though – oh, yes I am a Chrictian – staunch Catholic! Something to do a bit of research on huh – here is something else interestig to ready : Saved By Humility

Anyway, on the Swine flu tip –  i think we need prayer.

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Is chicken bad for your health?

Looks Tasty innit?

Looks Tasty innit?

“You cannot kill a nigga chicken. ” “Thou shall not kill niggas with chicken.” – Katt Williams

The story goes on about how Chicken is bad for you, how they treat the chicken and etc etc…Question is, is this really true or just another conspiracy theory – “Chickengate”? Is it just chicken or “bad chicken” – the distinction has to be made. What if you keep your own broilers and they arent exposed to the bad conditions and the dirt – all that which makes keeping chicken on a large scale “dangerous”…

Maybe it is bad for you – due to negligence from those who supply our supermarkets with these abnormally large chunks of meat. They ill treat the chicks, keep them under the worst conditions possible, “murder” them (smh), and all the other bad stuff they do to more…..

But you have to admit, there aint nothing like some good fried chicken innit?

For those who do wanna change and walk away from chicken, no harm in it – you can get all the nutrients from other foodstuffs, and even from a strict vegan diet. One don’t need to eat meat or meat products to get the necessary nutrients. Do not believe all the adverts on how milk is good for you cuz you get this and that from it and how much of this and that your body needs. These requirements are set by the suppliers of the food stuffs – its all another conspiracy (omg., i cant believe i just said that lol) – just to get everyone to buy the products. but this a story for another day innit //more on this in a later post\\

Personally, i love me some Kentcky Fried Chicken – yes your typical black man who does love his chicken, and why in the world am i to worry about that when i can stop eating chicken and all fast foods to “prolong my life” only to get hit by a drunken driver while i’d been out jogging after a meal of lettuce, broccoli, bananas and carrots, washed down with pure orange juice. Thank you for letting us know what happens to some of the chicken we eat – (and honestly i do envy those who live the healthy lifestyle staying away from all bad food and alcohol) just watch how you cross the road innit 😉

and there is something called “chicken allergy”? really?
guess you never know till you know huh..the evidence of absence is not the absence of evidence, and the known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns complete the cycle – its one messed up world we live in.
\all in a days laugh……….