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Absolute Fridaze White Party – Launch Party

Abdolute Fridaze White Party - Launch

Abdolute Fridaze White Party - Launch Party

Come down Birmingham UK, make this a success and Friday’s wont be the same again.

RS VP on facebook here

More to follow.  Its summer – let’s party hard!



The Barack Obama Deception

The Mask is Off

The Mask is Off

Barack Obama.  Saviour of the world or just another muppet? Liar or a dumbass?  Seems most people caught up in the mass hysteria, worshipping this dude and not really questioning what lies beneath..and not really realizing the truth behind the fact that – the New World Order is here.  It’s all just cover face, a sham, a disgrace to a community who do not face reality and just go along with media reports and never really take a moment to question.  Well, at least there is a few out there who do see this for the “saving face game” it is.

Many will question the legitimacy of the dude making the movie, but one can never question the facts that have been brought to attention.  The broken promises, the lies.  When will the world wake up and stop conforming?  You thought George Bush was bad? At least he was a dumbass who had no idea what was going on.  Now as for Mr Obama………………………………..



Department 41

Check out Appreciating good muzik, promotion, downloads..get schooled.


The Game – Better on the Other Side. Michael Jackson Tribute

So much been said and so much is going on and they dont seem to let the brother rest.  So this my final shout out.  You will be its time to let the dude have some peace at last.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson. It’s a wrap!


Schumacher to come out of retirement to cover for Massa



The legend is back.  This will be really really interesting.  More as the story progresses.


Method Man,Redman ft Saukrates – Ayo

One of my fav songs right now..
Them boys trying to resurrect hip-hop..doing it like how it used to be done back in the days. Red and Meth at it again….AHAAAAAAAAA Ayo ayo ayo!!!!


Michael Jackson – No foul play (BBC)

Michael Jackson Has Dead, originally uploaded by yusufyusuf85.

Well was there ever any doubt. I mean sometimes people need to accept the end had come and no matter who you are, when the time has come, it’s time to go. He will be greatly missed and may his soul rest in peace – if only the rest of the world would let him rest.
Obviously as fans we will look into the lil details which will not change anything however. Still though..the man was loved.

I must say I’ve personally joined in the craziness and have written down my memories of my first encounter with such talent on my new blog here.

R.I.P. to the King!