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Liverpool sign Glen Johnson

Glen Johnson

Glen Johnson

Liverpool FC have agreed a fee with Portsmouth to sign righ back Glen Johnson.  This could signal the end of Arbeloa’s Liverpool career, as word is his team is in Madrid negotiating a deal…You heard it first here..

More to come soon, but word is the fee is £17 .5million, which could mean Liverpool may have to pay just £10.5million as Portsmouth still owe them £7million from the Peter Crouch transfer.

Welcome to Anfiel Glen Johnson.  Now all we need is two more signings, a striker and a winger then we are good to go..provided neither Mascherano nor Aloson leaves.



Barcelona vs Manchester United – Lionel Messi vs Christiano Ronaldo

So Barca have done it. They are the European Football Champions.


Andres Iniesta

Barcelona have shown us what football is.  moving it so brilliantly and beautiful passes, patience (i know it’s a long shot but Liverpool have been close to that lately).  Iniesta once again shoce.  I have always maintained Iniesta is the best player in Barcelona, and today he has again shown us why he is such a gem.  The passes, the runs, the bal control..reminiscent of Zizou – not too fany but fancy enough and effective.  Kinda like the ball is stuck to his feet.

United started well, witg another Christiano Ronalo free kick ( i refuse to call him Ronaldo) gave Barca a few problems in the beginning,and Gerard Pique (former Man Utd) making argurably the most important tackle of the match.. but Barca got back into the game, with Iniesta feeding Eto’o, and him walking past Vidic and scoring from the near post.  Lonel Messi the scored with a brilliantly headed ball..making it 2 nil, and game over seeing Man Utd inability to keep the ball, let alone get hold of it…

Big Sam came to Part, Lio came to party and yes, my man of the match – INIESTA came to party..this is brilliant football.  Tevez started on the bench and am hoping this means a move to Liverpool..

(Oh – i’m writing this with 15minutes left to play – well its now extra time – thats how one sided the match has been)…

Listen to the standing avation Iniesta is getting after being replaced.  any Gray’s man of the match too…

Barca are champions ( i nkow i prefer Real Macdrid – but gosh – somebody need to tell Man Uts no1 retains the Champions Lerague)..





Chelsea vs Barcelona – Winner is the Referee

So do i want to throw myself in the line of a possibly conspiracy and plot by threatening to kill some dude from Norway due to bad officiating during a soccer match. ? How unnecessary right? That said though – had Liverpool been in Chelsea’s shoes i’d probably be as livid if not worse (YNWA!!).  What a pathetic excuse of a referee.  Chelsea should have had at least one penalty (the others could be debatable but Didier was fouled yes).  SO leading 1 nil heading into the last minute of extra time – 10 man Barca stuck – through Iniesta (who i feel does not get as much credit as he deserves).  Nope – that wasn’t the nail on the coffin.  The penalty appeal immediately after was though. Decline – probably cuz there wasn’t much chance for the player to move his hands and he was clearly turning his back onto the ball and it was not intentional.  Ballack could have given the ref a Ricky Hatton right there and then.

Ballack struggling to contain himself

Ballack struggling to contain himself

Game over everyone turns on the referee.  Even Didier who had been substituted already revealed why he can never be better than the likes of Fernando Torres, Samuel Eto’o, Raul, David Villa, Del-Piero, Thierry, Scheva, Inzaghi..the list is endless.. Stupidity took over, lack of professinalism, and what followed was one of the reasons why people still look down on us Africans – what a bloody role model…

Top Drog...! What?

Top Drog...! What?

Clearly he was mad after missing a chance (if not chances) to put the game beyond Barca.  I bet had Anelka had that chance, hell even Adebayor or Dirk Kuyt the game would have been  dead and gone.  But once agained Drogba underlined why Chelsea will never win the Champions League – at leat not while he is still their main striker.  Last year a slap on vidic saw him red-carded, leading to Terry having to take a penalty – and we all know what happened.  what a kid – such pathetic childish acts cannot be justified – however wrong the ref was.  When has a ref ever overturned his decision after such acts – yet day in day out footballers seem to think they can influence an already made decsion – 5 seconds is mo than enough for a decision to stand – else it will be too obvious the ref was influenced and he would probably be fired. Oh Didier…

Somebody stop him

Somebody stop him

Game over? - nope - still time for Didier's yellow card

Game over? - nope - still time for Didier's yellow card

I'm coming after you

I'm coming after you

So now some are saying it was a conspiracy against Chelsea. Come on.  The referee was inexperienced and didn’t want to make mistakes – and he was under so much pressure in trying to prevent any mistakes, made one too many – including the red card on Abidal which clearly wasn’t.  One can say if Chelsea had focused on winning instead of diving over and had take their chances – Did you see how they were still pegged back by 10men – yes it’s Barca but come-one – If you want to win the champions league one must believe that nomatter what team you are playing – long as they down to 10men, you have the advantage. Unless it’s Liverpool Fc – seeing as we all know Torre and Gerrard equals 4 ha ha ha

All in a day’s game. What a game!!


Sami Hyypia to join Bayer Leverkusen

10 years gone, few trophies in the cabinet, and we bid farewell to a true Anfield legend.  Sami Hyypia will be joining Bayer Leverkusen on a two year deal in the summer – bidding farewell to a glorious and fruitful Anfiel career.  We take a moment to pay tribute to the Anfield Legend – one of the best signings the English Premier League had seen.

Thanx big Sami. You’ll be missed. And remember – YNWA!!











Goodbye Sami!!

sami-hyypia-728108617A true Anfield Legend! YNWA…..


Hello World

this the topic thats used when one starts a blog innit – the very first message.  it’s like your first shout-out to the world. Saying hello.  Well, I feel i been away from this blog for too long – its time i say hello again.  Hope all yalll doing alright and not caught up in the crazy madness up in this world..bombings, shootings, history making, – the like…

History making – Obama – yea i know its kinda late but who wouldnt mention it when the whole world seems to think this one black man will be able to revitalise a seemingle hopeless situation.  he can only do so much, so please lets lay off a lil with the expectatioins innit…

Hamilton – yea yea – I’m pro Massa/Kimi and Ferrari so i wont say much but conspiracy – talk about the worst final lap i’ve ever seen leading to hamilton overtaking at the final moment..But congrats to the dude..bring it on next year (oh yea, lets not make it bigger than it is please – its just a sport innit).

Liverpool – well. we’re on top is all i have to say – so stop with the bickering and accept.  maybe the job wasnt done the Arsenal way or waeva – but it was done still.  No1 give Chelsea grief over losing to Burnley, but Liverpool draw with WestHam its a tragedy. RELAX!!!!!!! The title is coming home….

OJ SIMPSON!! We still await sentencing.  I was on some site that labelled him former football star/murderer. WTF? What happened to innocent till proven guilty.  I thought he was found not guilty – and even told yall how de’d have done it….let the man be.

And them bombs and shootings in India.  Yall got warned by the US – apparently – and nofn was done.  Oh were they warned? Its funny how after many major attacks there seems to always be some story on how someone was warned or there were ignored signs blah blah – just to put the blame on some1…how bout them criminals.?

Quick post i know – but will be back with more in a bit.  Just a shout to let yall know i’m back for real.

stay safe


Light at the end of the tunnel

So Robbie Keane is off the mark for Liverpool. Well, i have a feeling this is the first of many in a promising season for liverpool, and we’ll be singing happy songs at the end of it all – there is light at the end of the tunnel for sure…

dont know about teh US though.  the contoversy continues with – the hustles continue, and we have to wait and see the effect of US$700billion – whether approved or not…

light at the end of the tunnel for Zimbabwe? Well, with increasing aid and the deal being reached, its promising. As for neighbours South Africa? Well well – now thats something else.  Personally i dont see the light, after sacking Mr Mbeki, and with Jacob Zuma “destined” to take over – it may be another depression unravelling.  or am i just being negative???

Palin vs Biden debate in the States? Well, a little light for the repugnicans, question is can they reach the end of the tunnel where the kight is.  the lady is know to be a good debator, but question is will she come to party when called upon. Dunno about Biden – we wait to see Obama’s reasoning-plagiarising – anyone remember the scandal that sent him into hiding for a bit?

So there is light at the end of a freaking long tunnel if you look at it from an unbiased poin of view and taking into account all parties involved.  Just keep on keeping on.

Priscilla – thisz for ya – keep on keepin on ayt.


Some weekend, and LiverpoolFC too ;-)

"Finally huh?"

From the moment we got the equaliser i knew it was our day.  its been how long..well, it dont matter cuz as of today its been a day since LiverpoolFC beat ManUtd in the premier league, so all those who spoke of this and that about Benitez, well, …well…could this be our year for real.? I can be forgiven for being optimistic innit…Keane, its time to party now..Give us two goals this comin weekend – i chose you over Torres in my fantasy league team(i wonder why – gosh), but still optimistic….And to top off the weekind, Robinho makes his mark and they all know the Brazillian is in town.  Brilliant free kick i must say, though one may question Peter Cech’s positioning. As for the final result…They got money, they aoint bought players yet so lets chill on the hype innit…At least not till January window

Anyway, so i been doing a lot of blogging this past weekend, wierdly enough not to  my blog but just hustling around and reading yall, and i came across this blog on Scientology.  Interesting read i must say, havent read much on it but ill defin8ly be frequenting there, aint nothing wrong with knowing an extra lil thing innit – esp if its of a group one is prejudiced on(yea, i think its a joke, but they also think Christianity is a joke so lets see their reasoning)…

The black guy
NOw this i been trying to avoid but it seems to be making headlines on every news front so well, guess i can comment a lil bit on it..The United States presidential campaign.  With bloggers trashing Sarah Palin and the Repugnicans (lol), Obama seems destined to be the first black main in the white house.  Got a ton o skeptics tho.  So many theories of plots to kill him and increase in his security are popping up. I mean is it for real or is it just paranoia?..Well, we’ll have to wait and see.  As for Palin, i think she needs to quit before killing them Repugnicans, as they now referred to by most bloggers.  And Obama just set a new record-donations received..US$66million.  Just one month.  Give me 10 million and i’ll stroll to the white house…Wishful thinking huh..nah, just all in a days laugh..

till next time..


Is this the new face of English Football?

Dr Sulaiman Al Fahim

Dr Sulaiman Al Fahim

Transfer deadline day has always known to bring drama and havoc all over the footballing nation, thats the world excluding maybe a few places who have refused to embrace the beauty of what is making today’s youth dream of lavish cribs and fancy cars..However, the twist in this years’ storyline had brough many to knees and leaves ones gasping for air with utter disbelief…Manchester City! Manchester City? yes, Manchester City seem to be taking the headlines from the likes of Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester United. Question is will it be players as well?

So anyhoo, Manchester City Football Club has new owners. A group lead by Dr. Sulaiman Al Fahim has bought over the club from the once Thailand prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra . Soon after the takeover bids were made to expensive and highly rated footballer – with them managing to land the Brazilian Robinho (oh, someone has fianlly managed to outbid Roman Abramoivich..umm, interesting), and you can rest be assured come january transfer window there willbe a few bids if not buys…

So is this the new Chelsea? Will Manchester City make all the contoversial headlines with coaches being fired for not landing trophoies and their luxurious transfer packages. Is the good Dr here to take over form Roman and the new face of English football?

Well, i certainly would welcome something different other than the same ol Chelsea fans goin on about their transfer kitty. However, money has fallen into the wrong hands (no offense meant ManCity). The name of the club – there is already a Manchester Team and taking over from them is like trying to replace Sir Alex Ferguson from his position as the best ManUtd coach of all time – almost near impossible, and if possible, will take a loooong time and a looot of patience from the investors (patience seems gone with the amounts invested)…

That said though, this is welcome competition, and hopefully Hicks and Gillet will let DIC takeover Liverpool as their being stingy and lack of vision and marketing skills means they losing out on competition with the so called “big money teams”. Like honestly it dosent take a genious to understand that big names you spend a lot for bring forth rewards, if not in results, then T-Shirt sales (wonder why Chelsea was already taking orders for Robinho’s t-shirts?) Rememeber roman Calderon preparing to offer 70million of Christiano Ronaldo confident the money will be back in 6months from just T-Shirt sales. As for City, knowing how English fans love their football, i wonder how long it will take to get back the 32.5 million quid invested – 3months if not less?

So we have a new player in town. And guess what – their preparing a transfer kitty worth about 300 million pounds to try and lure Christiano Ronaldo, Cesc Fabregas and Torres among others. Honestly, what is this world coming to. Guess money does make the world go round!!!!

We welcome the new face of English Football, Dr Sulaiman Al Fahim.