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Chauncey Billups Punks Kobe Bryant on Inbounds Pass

Big Shot Billups. a.k.a. Mr Big Shot – a.k.a “Why Denver will win the Playoffs” done it again.  Talk about quick thinking, crunch time thinking.  1-1 and we going home baby!! Melo coming through with 34pts, Billups 27pts…

Game 3 back home – oh its on alright…


A few more Barkley TNT moments

long but worth the watch…


Charles Barkley Says Women Are Exaggerating Pain of Giving Birth

OMG Charlie…you done did it again lol

“It can’t be nearly as bad as playing a basketball game with a sprained ankle”

Why you never buy a woman a watch? Cuz there’s a clock on the stove..

Chris is gone lol NBA nights would be shit without these folks…All in a day’s laugh!

RALLYING ALL NUGGETS SUPPORTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dwight Howard Dunks and Pulls Down the Shot Clock

Many thanks to Missed this one live..but you can always rely on internet soldiers to share wit fellow mates what happened when blogaholics were sidetracked by the simplest things – sleep.

Guess this is what it takes to beat the Cavaliers. On another tip – Come on Nuggets, Melo, Billups, JR. Not the Lakers again kmt