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Earth Day – make it a holiday? Bring out the Hybrids

It’s that time of the year again. Appreciation of the beauty that is the earth.  Some may not care about Earth Day and may have according to them “Valid Reasons” why this day should not be recognised and blah blah..However, think about it.  As much faith as a Christian have faith in Christmas, how about those who believes in Earth Day?

See, we may demand respect and time to celebrate the “Birth of Jesus” on Christmas and expect not to go to work, have a holiday and sit home and relax because it is Christmas – respect for Christians.  How about respect for Earth Day as well.  They say give as you expect to get – how about it?

earth-dayYou can find out more abhout Earth Day and it’s origin from here. Sometimes it is simply acceptin the little things things in life we usually take for granted.  Reminds me of the beach – ever stood on the water’s edge and just stare at the seemingly endless pond and wonder “How did this get her”.  Ever thought of the reasons behind Life on Earth and well, why we cannot exist on other planets..why it had to be that the earth was at the perfect point from the Sun that would support life.

Whatever your belief – whether it was God given or coincidence – the beauty that is this earth is worth at least a day in a year for recognition and appreciatioin, and well, maybe a bit of the all up in your face Al Gore speeches – lets save the earth, and if you have a Hybrid, maybe its the day to drive one..

all that said – its only a moment of one’s time for appreciation of the phenomenon that has baffled many an idiot and geniuses..

till next time – 2seconds and 30mins for the earth. What a beauty!