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North Kores’s Kim, China vs US, South Africa

To follow up an earlier post, North Korea’s Kim has finally appeared in public.  Or so we’re told.  Apparently he was present at some football game at some university blah blah blah…Well, its good to see some leader with a bit o character in existence still, those who dont just bow down to George Bush.  Yasser’s gone, they took Sadam – the whole antichrist conspiracy anyone?

And China cancelling their affiliations with the United States.  Protests over the U.S. supplying weapons worth US$6.5bn to Taiwan, seeing as China still considers Taiwan their territory and their opposition to the US military assistance to Taiwan.  Medling, medling and some more medling from the Bush regime.  Well he gon be gone soon anyhoo, but what a comic this dude been innit.  Gave us all a bit to laugh and cry about. And be sad about as well.

And back home in Africa the politics merry go round keeps going.  Tale a look at the South African situation.  The “loud mouth” “i have an opinion on everyhting” and somehow influential Nobel Price laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu goes on to say if elections were held tomorrow he wouldnt vote beacuse of the split and troubles in the ANC party. Some stance huh.  Is South Africa a one party state? Or are the other parties so insignificant that ANC internal elcetions are more important and hold more weight than the general presidential elections.  How about voting for the opposition? Oh, they’re White. And they say racism aint alive? smh

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North Korea’s Kim

Kim Jong-il

Kim Jong-il

So Kim Jong-il has collapsed. Or is it just another conspiracy (smh). Well according to Song il-ho it is a product of Western media. Oh come on – you cant stay tight lipped on this one. I mean, Kim, missing such an event. He oversees the 50th and 55th anniversaries, to miss the 60th anniversary…Really. And after the meeting held to celebrate the anniversary, whats the released statement “North Korea has an army that will mercilessley punish invaders”. lol Tactics is the way, politics is the game.

We cant have him die though. I mean after Castro, Arafat, Ghaddafi – he is the only last man standing against George Bush going to be none other that His Excellency President Robert Gabriel Mugabe and his Iranin partner(Russia is a story for another day). We need more outspoken politicians. Kim had been a controversial figure, one welcome to a world on the verge of being taken over by the Lizard People (gosh, these conpiracy theories humor me). Lets fight the Lizards! lol

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