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The Game – Better on the Other Side. Michael Jackson Tribute

So much been said and so much is going on and they dont seem to let the brother rest.  So this my final shout out.  You will be its time to let the dude have some peace at last.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson. It’s a wrap!



Michael Jackson – No foul play (BBC)

Michael Jackson Has Dead, originally uploaded by yusufyusuf85.

Well was there ever any doubt. I mean sometimes people need to accept the end had come and no matter who you are, when the time has come, it’s time to go. He will be greatly missed and may his soul rest in peace – if only the rest of the world would let him rest.
Obviously as fans we will look into the lil details which will not change anything however. Still though..the man was loved.

I must say I’ve personally joined in the craziness and have written down my memories of my first encounter with such talent on my new blog here.

R.I.P. to the King!


Michael Jackson dead

R.I.P. King Michael

R.I.P. King Michael

The greatest rapper, Tupac, gone. The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. Now, the King on Pop, Michael Jackson, has followed suit.

Doubts earlier following TMZ’s reports had been more of “wishful thinking” on fans’ part.  How can we imagine a place without a man who shook the world with his voice, dances, hairstyle, skin color, controversies..the lot.  The greatest music video of all time, Thriller. Best selling album, Thriller.  Only King Elvis and the Bee Gees, maybe Bing Crosby sold more records.

R.I.P. King Michael….


Michael Jackson dead? Or is it another of TMZ’s stunts.??

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

We await confirmation, but unconfirmed reports from – yes you guessed it – TMZ say Michael Jackson has died.  Talk about news that will shake the world.  Was waiting patiently for his planned comeback cum farewell for this year, 2009, but that seems no more.  Brings back old school memories of me as a youngster dancing and singing along to Bad, copying all the moves and mastering the moonwalk.

If that’s so – RIP King Michael.

That said – CNN say he is in a coma. Fingers crossed for the King.  We all know TMZ and their stunts. If SKY got caught out on this, damn! Come on MJ, hang in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

updates as they come…….