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Zimbabwe deal done

Well Well

Well Well

The moment we have all been waiting for – well at least here in Africa and mostly in Zimbabwe too.  The power sharing deal in Zimbabwe has been signed, and it looks as though we heading towards a new Zimabwe. Or are we? Looks as though someone is reluctant to shake hands innit.  We now wait and see if anything will come from it.  Read full story here.

Zimbabwe power sharing deal agreed?

The two faces of Zimbabwe

The two faces of Zimbabwe

“Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and President Robert Mugabe have reached a deal to share power.” BBC News

“An agreement has been reached about all the matters on the agenda of the negotiations.”  Thabo Mbeki

“Both political parties are committed, it’s our wish that the deal will be successful.” MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa

Well well well,.  Apparently they are signing on Monday.  Why didnt they just sign today and not make room for any late developments, that is if a conclusion was met at all.  Umm, well, for now we wait and see, seeing as Mugabe hasn’t said anything yet, and was quoted earlier as saying ” “We have not gone anywhere.” “We are still stuck at the same point where those from the Movement for Democratic Change still want to govern.” “They want Mugabe to go.  Where should I go? I can’t go anywhere.” ”

So smiling we are-but not too much till the signatures are there and at least some time has passed with progress reports..

Vive le revolutionaire