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Craiglist Killing – How Safe are we.



Guilty till proven innocent?

Guilty till proven innocent?

I have personally never been one to condone the “sex for fun” mentality that seems to grow daily, and well, it’s wrong period.  But am I going to kill off everyone I find “advertising” erotic services.  Philip Markoff however seems to have a totally different perspective on the matter.  Or so we are led to believe.

If you haven’t heard of the recent Craiglist killing – GET OUT OF YOUR HOLE!  Here is this medical student who seems to have everything going for him, leading a secret life – as a serial killer (or so we are led to believe). What’s the movie? lol It’s real – and well, anyone can be next really. From university students who – well – we all know what happens there, to prostitutes and escorts..anyone can be a victim of the elite who are disgusted by this loose moraled society.

So we hook up – get to know each other for a while and then meet to do the deed lol only for me to rock up with a long knife, tie u up and torture you to death..cutting off your fingers first that i’ll send to the police eventually lol (omg, i could be arrested for this). That said though, maybe it didnt really happen that way.  But what started off as an advert on the popular Cariglist Website (i will not link to the site sorry-but google it) ended up in murder, and we all know each and every single computer has DNA – a+b=c Phillip is arrested – and also a suspect in a robbery case.   QN : MOTIVE?

Well we do live in a sick society and it may have been for fun, for the thrill, or even for the justifiable unjustifiable fact that “sex for fun and soliciting” is unacceptable.

So his fiancee, Megan McAllister – with whom they have been planning to get married on August 14 on the beach – has her say “He could not hurt a fly.  All I have to say is Philip is a beautiful person, inside and outside.” Well, I’m sure we all have experienced the plain ignorance in believing what seems and not facing the reality of fact, that we have been decieved.  Poor woman.  But then again – there is the notion of Innocent till proven guilty – or has it changed to guilty till proven innocent (well i have been a victim of the latter so now i wonder).

Some say, however that his intentions were not murder, but robbery since dude was heavily in debt. Umm, daddy’s a dentist, grand’s an attorney..”nah, i think i’ll just kill that lil gal for for a few hundres dollars. I’m sure no1 will catch me – i mean me of all people. Who can suspect me” lol – no1 dude – but the PC gon sell you out..

Cant wait for the movie though – i mean they will make a movie about this – they have to.  This has hollywood conspiracy written all over it.

So you thought you was safe on your erotic and sexual endevours – well, think again. 

Like Joe Budden said “Some people confide in the person that they sleep with.  I reckon there’s no such thing as a secret.”

Paul Bernardo anyone???