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Been way too long

Just got a message on how i haven’t updated this blog and have realised how long it has been.  Had too much work and i must say i’ll try and post some more….

for now – whats up…..

Well – Liverpool FC is back! I won’t say much on this one – home and away..and Real Madr…….who? ha ha. On the soccer tip – is it just me or does Ronaldinho need a major personality makeover. Was watching the Eucador v Brazil game, and dude was all over the place.  Maybe its time he joins the English Premier League – a new challenge!

Obama – yes of course i have to say something.  GM boss to step-down at the request of the White House.  Yes, I bet bush would have just sent the US$16.7bn required to “try” and drag them out of the mess they’re in.  Bush failed – its Obama’s turn. Show em how its done dude! And word is they’re working on a new Afghan approach and an eventual pullout…waking up to the reality of fact are we U.S.?


The Team

The Team???



However – Israel v Gaza.? Seem they taking the same stance as the Bush administration.  This is the major disappointing (well for most people anyway) thing in the Obama government.  Coming from a man who used “Change” as his campaign theme – seems a bit off dosen’t it.  Haven’t seem much change on the front but once again – i say – the man has only been in office for a bit so we give him time. Honestly though – its time to wake up and realise that Israel need a kick up the backside.  And the nerve of Ms Clinton Clinton  to single out Hamas rocket fire as the single biggest obstacle to peace, and not the Israeli attacks that killed over 1,300 Palestinians in Gaza earlier this year. What Change?? We wait and see..still have hope though


Light at the end of the tunnel

So Robbie Keane is off the mark for Liverpool. Well, i have a feeling this is the first of many in a promising season for liverpool, and we’ll be singing happy songs at the end of it all – there is light at the end of the tunnel for sure…

dont know about teh US though.  the contoversy continues with – the hustles continue, and we have to wait and see the effect of US$700billion – whether approved or not…

light at the end of the tunnel for Zimbabwe? Well, with increasing aid and the deal being reached, its promising. As for neighbours South Africa? Well well – now thats something else.  Personally i dont see the light, after sacking Mr Mbeki, and with Jacob Zuma “destined” to take over – it may be another depression unravelling.  or am i just being negative???

Palin vs Biden debate in the States? Well, a little light for the repugnicans, question is can they reach the end of the tunnel where the kight is.  the lady is know to be a good debator, but question is will she come to party when called upon. Dunno about Biden – we wait to see Obama’s reasoning-plagiarising – anyone remember the scandal that sent him into hiding for a bit?

So there is light at the end of a freaking long tunnel if you look at it from an unbiased poin of view and taking into account all parties involved.  Just keep on keeping on.

Priscilla – thisz for ya – keep on keepin on ayt.


Some weekend, and LiverpoolFC too ;-)

"Finally huh?"

From the moment we got the equaliser i knew it was our day.  its been how long..well, it dont matter cuz as of today its been a day since LiverpoolFC beat ManUtd in the premier league, so all those who spoke of this and that about Benitez, well, …well…could this be our year for real.? I can be forgiven for being optimistic innit…Keane, its time to party now..Give us two goals this comin weekend – i chose you over Torres in my fantasy league team(i wonder why – gosh), but still optimistic….And to top off the weekind, Robinho makes his mark and they all know the Brazillian is in town.  Brilliant free kick i must say, though one may question Peter Cech’s positioning. As for the final result…They got money, they aoint bought players yet so lets chill on the hype innit…At least not till January window

Anyway, so i been doing a lot of blogging this past weekend, wierdly enough not to  my blog but just hustling around and reading yall, and i came across this blog on Scientology.  Interesting read i must say, havent read much on it but ill defin8ly be frequenting there, aint nothing wrong with knowing an extra lil thing innit – esp if its of a group one is prejudiced on(yea, i think its a joke, but they also think Christianity is a joke so lets see their reasoning)…

The black guy
NOw this i been trying to avoid but it seems to be making headlines on every news front so well, guess i can comment a lil bit on it..The United States presidential campaign.  With bloggers trashing Sarah Palin and the Repugnicans (lol), Obama seems destined to be the first black main in the white house.  Got a ton o skeptics tho.  So many theories of plots to kill him and increase in his security are popping up. I mean is it for real or is it just paranoia?..Well, we’ll have to wait and see.  As for Palin, i think she needs to quit before killing them Repugnicans, as they now referred to by most bloggers.  And Obama just set a new record-donations received..US$66million.  Just one month.  Give me 10 million and i’ll stroll to the white house…Wishful thinking huh..nah, just all in a days laugh..

till next time..


Just another day – and Apple too lol

Ipod Nano

Ipod Nano

Ipod Touch

Ipod Touch

Once againt talks are at an advanced stage and there was a “major breakthrough”, justa bit left to finalize the power sharing deal. Umm, we wait and see. Lets hope they not getting our hope high for nothing, and we end up with the events of last month.

Is it just me or is voting and political struggles the main focus on the planet right now. There’s this Zimbabwe thing right. Then there’s the voting in Angola (took long enough), Pakistan, Russia and Georgia, Obama and McCain, Zambia…could this be leading to something? Hear all those in favour of conspiracy theories start chanting lol lol
Oh, and on that note – a poll taken world wide seems the majority would rather have Barrack Obama as president of the United States. Like that was unpredicatable. I mean it aint nothing to make headline. We all know Bush basically left the door open for the Democrats and whoever would have won between the Democrats candidates would have been favoured over any Republican. What matters is what the Americans think. what they want. Didnt polls prior to the last elections also indicate Bush wasnt favoured by the majority? So why go again and waste time with these polls that do not matter at all – i wonder how many copies of the paper was bought just cuz it had that headline on front. shameful.
And is the United States more communist than China? read more here

Anyway, i hear them apple okes have come up with another new fancy gadget. Oh no, wait a minute, it aint new. Just another remodified version of the one lil thing that managed to save the firm. Its been ipod this and ipod that since they came. I though Apple stood for something different, but now it seems like they running outta fresh ideas and all they doing is sticking a new ipod related gadget in our face..Ipod Videa, Nano, Shuffle, Iphone, Ipod touch..IPOD IPOD IPOD IPOD. Gosh, when is something worth mentioning coming through. The lates is the remodified versions of the iPod nano and shuffle. Slimmer and with new functions. Really. Like i wasnt able to do all i wanted with my ipod already. Like my old one was just too heavy it had to be cut down in size. GIVE US SOMETHING STEVE AND STEVE! Or could this just be another plot to take advantage of us gadget junkies for wanting to have the machine. The price you pay for the finer things!
Fourth Generation NANO.smh. I like how Craig Grannell of Cult of Mac took it
“Fairly modest expectations were barely me and all we got were skinny things we already knew about nayway.”
And how about Apple’s share price falling 7 points.
The words of Barrack Obama “You know, you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.”
They have howver cut $70 off the ipod touch. Time to replace my nano i think. I’m hopeless!
New Gadgets anyone. Sony, LG, Creative, microsoft lol.

And seems i’m still stuck wit yall – the world didnt today after all. read more

so till i post again., go buy the new ipod touch and be a conformist.