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OJ Simpson – They finally got him! – Racism?

We all have something we want real bad innit? Karma – or just plain ol revenge : all this based on our personal feeling and opinions on how things should have been.
Enter the Goldman’s and a bunch o other prejudiced against Mr Simpson for various reasons mostly racial (forgive me but its the truth).  This has brought the fact most deny and try and shy away from – RACISM STILL ALIVE!
Acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife and her partner, OJ did the most stupid thing any lucky black man could have done – piss on a the face of a pissed off loser – the Goldmans+Browns.  If i’d done it. DUDE! Its like Michael Jackson sharing the bed with some other lil boys again (oh, he did do that – damn – dumbness!).  Mr Simpson’s actions I believe led to another conspiracy against a successful black man in the United States – and yes i said it – it’s a set up. He won, threw it in their face, and it took them 13 yrs to get their man and they got him. Guilty of all 12 counts – and on the anniversary of the day he “walked” – come on – couldnt they have made it more obvious. Flip a set up? How about jurors believing he killed Nicole and Ronald but “promising to judge him on the facts abd disregarding their opinions”. Really?  And they were all white? lol, omg, come on, this is like to all who celebrated when he walked – IN YOUR FACE. December 5 and he could be thrown away for life. Dunno about the appeal thing though. OJ. Gone. Damn – reality check – racism still alive.  This despite the efforts of both black and white folk sensible enough to realise its a small world and inevitably we must live together – as HUMAN BEINGS.  And its a bloddy few – both black and white still racist as krazy – why we gotta let history define us and how we live – yes its what brough us where we at today, but why not make our own history.  Leave your mark on this earth – they leaft theirs!

How abour this for a suggestion – Obama’s first stance is to pardon him.

What’s next – Kobe gon rape another white woman? When will we learn to live together.? And they say lets not say Nigga cuz its clinging onto racist terms blah blah blah- Nigga Pliz. racism is freakin alive. Lets see how far a margin Obama gon win by, cuz sensibly it should be large seeing as his competition is incompetent, old, senile and incapable – but white. Ummm – food for thought.  Might question if he gon win after all innit.

Was on michelle’s blog and its great to see there’s some out there who see beyond colour, the reality of fact – like how NOT GUILTY Oj really is.  Nd whats messed up, the jurors on some “our opinion didnt count/matter/influence” when they feel so strongly about his “guilt” in the “Trial of the Century”./  What are they, fraking computers, aliens, who can be programmed to put their feelings aside.  And what we look like – a bunch of 3rd graders bent on believing errthng we told?  Come on – at least try cover this ish up properly.

So Mr Simpson, rightly found not guilty, infuriates a bunch of infuential people, and goes on to write a book about it, which was the last straw that led to the set-up which led to his found guilt on ALL 12 counts. OMG – ALL 12.  Well – good ol OJ, tomorrow’s another day – next step is to appeal – we might wobble but we wont fall down innit!

For those offended by my thoughts – imagine how the rest o the world would feel if they knew your thoughts – difference btwn us is I speak mine and i do not care the implications. Freedom of speech.

till next time