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Zimbabwe ZW$100trillion note – What a bunch of f***ing retards!!!

Oh please..



I can’t believe things have come to this.  So according to some blogger, the note above was released in 2006 – back when such amounts could have bought you a helluva lotta things.  So now people are lying about the case in Zimbabwe.

It’s like with most things in the news – everything is not always as it’s depicted to be.  They tell tales of never-ending wars, lack of this and that..blah blah.  Yes things aren’t going too well at the moment, but they aren’t as people say there are, and there is hope definately.  I personally am looking forward to going home for the holidays sometime..enjoy the African sun, explore the joys of freedom, things at a steady pace – as me and my boys always used to say when we relaxing and having a good time – There is no hurry in Africa..

I cant believe this…2006? What a bunch of fucking idiots!