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Zimbabwe Activists – Mugabe Strikes Again


Jestina Mukoko - Accused....

Jestina Mukoko - Accused....

So she is arrested, then feared dead – then she is free – now arrested again and freed on bail – along with at least 13 other Zimbabwean activists.  Accused of plotting to overthrow Mugabe’s government.  These include several prominent MDC members – and Tsvangirayi is watching.

Coalition government failing?????

Oh – and we wait to see if Mr Mugabe will extend his invite, to Jacob Zuma’s inauguration, to Tsvangirayi- which was not extended to Mr Tsvangirayi by the ANC (Mr Zuma’s party) as they only recognize one Zimbabwean leader, and left it up to Mr Mugabe to invite Mr Tsvangirayi.  Wonder why Obama refused to attend Jacob Zuma’s inauguration?? They are demanding an explanation… can be a “lolcats” moment…

Gosh – African politics….


Zimbabwe power sharing deal agreed?

The two faces of Zimbabwe

The two faces of Zimbabwe

“Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and President Robert Mugabe have reached a deal to share power.” BBC News

“An agreement has been reached about all the matters on the agenda of the negotiations.”  Thabo Mbeki

“Both political parties are committed, it’s our wish that the deal will be successful.” MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa

Well well well,.  Apparently they are signing on Monday.  Why didnt they just sign today and not make room for any late developments, that is if a conclusion was met at all.  Umm, well, for now we wait and see, seeing as Mugabe hasn’t said anything yet, and was quoted earlier as saying ” “We have not gone anywhere.” “We are still stuck at the same point where those from the Movement for Democratic Change still want to govern.” “They want Mugabe to go.  Where should I go? I can’t go anywhere.” ”

So smiling we are-but not too much till the signatures are there and at least some time has passed with progress reports..

Vive le revolutionaire


President Robert Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe

What of President Mugabe?
recently he has been threatening to start a government on his own(Zanu PF Party), citing that its not good for a country to go without government. Well, at the rate he is killing everything, maybe that wold be the best if the “talks” in South Africa are not yielding any results. And who in the hell though of Thabo Mbeki as the best mediator. I mean isn’t it obvious to the world this dude is not planning on doing anything about Mr Mugabe (Bob). How long has it been since he was given the task, and what has been achieved – a verbal agreement on who will be president and who will be prime – minister, with struggles till on about the powers possessed by each position. This leaves more confusion into the minds of those concerned especially Zimbabweans.
Or was this all just another plot from the mastermind Bob, another “Nkomo ” incident? Make the enemy believe you’re working together, and give them a little bit of power, but retain all the telling power – like being in charge of the security and having the power to appoint and dismiss ministers? Oh sir Bob – we know it will only be a month or so before all the MDC ministers are fired on “corruption” charges or “plotting to kill the president”. So Tsvangirayi has been given until end of Thursday to sign else a cabinet will be put together without his involvement. we wait…..
“Talks” that end in ultimatums – what talks. Guess this may be supporting the theory there can never be peace till sir Bob is out – totally out. The people are hungry and fed up, countries are fed up and disgusted (though some seem not to care 😦 shame innit), i mean even he (Mugabe) can see the troubles within but he still holding onto power like flies on excrete. Power sharing? Come on, this oke does not want to share power – all he is after is bringing MDC on board, so he can get the international community off his back, and get a bit of funding to fund their extravagant lifestyles…or maybe to escape to his mansion in Singapore, since maybe Zuma taking over the ANC may mean South Africa wont be on his side no-more – just MAYBE, because we all know about Zuma and his “issues” – but that’s a story for another day innit.
So, sir Bob is still on as Zimbabwe’s president, still holding on for dear life. It is not that nothing can be done. It is simply because those who can help just do not care enough. He hasn’t killed enough people according to their standard before they can intervene and “remove” him from his post.
Dont yall think its time something is done before another Rwanda or Darfur?
Remember Gukurahundi?