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Samsung Gravity 2 SGH-t469 (T-Mobile)

Samsung Gravity 2 SGH-t469 (T-Mobile)


Samsung Jet



Sources: Google In Talks To Acquire Twitter

Sources: Google In Talks To Acquire Twitter (Updated)

Really? After Yahoo just acquired xoopit this would be an excellent respose..we wait..

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Wolfram Alpha – Google Killer?

So there is all the hype surrounding Wolfram Alpha and the belief that it is a potential google killer due to it being able to provide the “best results” to question.

The future of search? Or another cuil??

The future of search? Or another cuil??

Remember the fuss about cuil and how IT was the google killer.  Well the problem was it didn’t work.  I rememeber launch date I was on the site searching for the simplest possible things but couldn’t get one.  Even up to today, one would have thought they would have improved their technology, but a “vain search” on cuil gives me 3 results (one which is a page i deleted even), and google, well, a few pages (don’t i feel important lol – no more “Homeboy” appearing as the first result lol)..Wolfram Alpha – well, it isn’t sure what i want to do with my

cuil - all promises and no results

cuil - all promises and no results

There comes my point.  Wolfram Alpha cannot be a google killer (well at least not yet), due to the nature and requirements of the searches.  Searches are preffered in questions (which would definately help your everyday scholar – but which is still embedded on google searches too) – specific question (note preferred – have to take note though suggestions on what to do are brought up when nothing cannot be found – whereas google gives results and suggestion in some cases)…

So whether Wolfram Alpha will manage to take the market share of scholar’s, economists, and others keen on specific questions and results from comparisons, market trends, charts or any form of statistics (which i must say they are powerful in) – we wait and see if that’ll be enough to beat the population of google which is predominantly the one/two word searches and the celeb stalker..

Oh i just got a smile on – I just Wolframed (googled lol) Angelina Jolie and it seems to take longer than my “vanity search” (bet i wont try and compete with her on google huh..ummhhh – i wonder how much wikipedia is paying google though – another conspiracy..let’s all wire personal biographies of wiki lol..nope!!)….OOPS..spoke too soon – they gave me her full name, date of birth and place of birth (which is informatioin i rarely give out on the web – d.o.b and p.o.b.) – but it took long enough..

We salute Wolfram for the effort and the option – but in Google We Trust!