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Thabo Mbeki out – Kgalema Motlanthe in

Well its been a hectic few days innit.  here we have thabo Mbeki being sacked (yea he resigned but thats how top brass is sacked), something i think is the biggest mistake ever.  the stability brought on by the “Xhosa Regime” of mandela and Mbeki is something to be reminiscent of in the near future.  They managed to put South africa on the map., and i must say the mood is sombre as people arew trying to come to terms with it all.  And they say jacob Zuma had nothing to do with it. RIGHT>>!!!!

Was listening to him go on as he announced his resignation, calling for Africa to Unite (well have to wait and see) and how sad he was blah blah blah blah..Yea it was a brilliant speech, but kinda expected as he denied any wrong doing and saying he quitting for the good of the ANC. RIGHT>>!!!!

So the new president is sworn in, no experience, and after the resignations of some Ministers, we’ll have to wait and see who he brings back on board and who is replaced.  Tricky situation, considering how (Finance Minister) Trevor Manuel’s initial resignation led to a drop in the rand value. Tough times these must be innit. lets see what these folk can do.

Kgalema Motlanthe and Jacob Zuma - The men taking over!

Kgalema Motlanthe and Jacob Zuma - The men taking over!

So Kgalema Motlanthe is the new South African President, but for how long? Will Jacob Zuma let him stand for elections when the time comes in a few months time, or is he just a “for now” emergency replacement?  So many questions, doubts, worries, this is bound to have some negative impact on the thriving (or once??) economy.  They could have delt with their matters internally, let Thabo finish his term, instead of making such pathetic decisions and leaving many wondering if the “New ANC” is something to favour…..

Anyhoo, these just my own personal opinons, am sure many will see differently, especiall Zulu’s and Zuma supporters.  Well, lets not put someone in power just because he from where we from, but because they are competent enough innit.  Imagine where Zimbabwe would be right now if they hadnt killed Tongogara and he had taken over.  I’m just saying – (to quote Andy Griffin) “THINK. IT’S NOT ILLEGAL YET”

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