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What a weekend

Monday and back to hectic work again.  The weekend’s over – yay(considering my experiences twas about time)
What in the hell is up with these fashion shows??  Firstly there’s this hype around everything, promotions, sms voting, posters..then comes the day, dress code – its like the moment errbody been waiting for.  This was Mr and Miss NMMU (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University).  My plan was not to attend but was mandatory to attend as a member of the toastmasters exec.  So i strutted my jeans of course, shirt and jacket to look semi-formal and presentable.  Show supposed to start at 6pm, and this isn’t one where you get there “fashionable late” as this defeats the whole purpose of the show right.  So 6pm am by the door, but what a queue – its like they were running on black man’s time seeing as most people attending were black.  Doors wasnt open yet, so plenty of us had to stand out like Tim Westwood was in town for about 30minutes and Spring seems a mile away from Port Elizabeth.  Twas like the middle of June (winter this side) and errbody was clinging to their jackets, and being by the beach we all know the winds…
Finally the doors opened – and the set-up was disappointing from the onset. Just rows and rows of chairs, squashed together, lil place for the VIP )before, double price could get you a VIP ticket, but this time they decided on making everyone sit on them rows – defeats the purpose).  So we sit – we toasties together of course and the evening began.  I think i must have slept through most of it as i dont remember much(though apparently i was wide awake).  All i remember is  my few glasses of Miller and of course the winners, who were EXTREMELY disappointing – the dude looks kinda gay(word is he is), and what a dude to represent NMMU (smh) – as for the lady – well – i think the lessons that are part of the price will defin8ly be needed.  But then again, who am i compared to the esteemed table of judges?

All in all, i couldnt wait to get out of there, and this is probably the last of these things i am attending.  The whole show was disappointing, the performers were just okay, the presenters were, yes celebrities, but i think they just tried too hard, the judging was pathetic, the models themselves were not up to standard(oh wait a minute – wat do know about modelling – maybe i was looking for too much), i never bothered with the after party(i can only imagine lol) and as for next year, they should look for outside help or a totally new group of “modelling show planners” lol
I’ve never been a fan of ladies prancing themselves around for our entertainment.  And for the dudes – keep you headz up okes-i dunno wa else to say.  But most of them is gay so……
Different tastes huh.  Modelling shows aren’t for me.