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I miss home

There is no place like home



Obama Pledges aid to Zimbabwe – US$73million

So Obama had decided to help Zimbabwe – was waiting patiently to see his take on the situation after the decline of the state which promised to be the bright star of Africa before Mugabe and his ruthlessness took over…

Barack Obama and Morgan Tsvangirayi

Barack Obama and Morgan Tsvangirayi

Barack Obama – we salute you for the show…Read more on the package here.

73millon dollars could definately make a notable change especially to the water systems, electricity, hospitals..and other basic needs for you everyday person.  Let’s hope the money won’t be used to purchase some more South African and Malaysian mansions..


Zimbabwe ZW$100trillion note – What a bunch of f***ing retards!!!

Oh please..



I can’t believe things have come to this.  So according to some blogger, the note above was released in 2006 – back when such amounts could have bought you a helluva lotta things.  So now people are lying about the case in Zimbabwe.

It’s like with most things in the news – everything is not always as it’s depicted to be.  They tell tales of never-ending wars, lack of this and that..blah blah.  Yes things aren’t going too well at the moment, but they aren’t as people say there are, and there is hope definately.  I personally am looking forward to going home for the holidays sometime..enjoy the African sun, explore the joys of freedom, things at a steady pace – as me and my boys always used to say when we relaxing and having a good time – There is no hurry in Africa..

I cant believe this…2006? What a bunch of fucking idiots!


Zimbabwe Activists – Mugabe Strikes Again


Jestina Mukoko - Accused....

Jestina Mukoko - Accused....

So she is arrested, then feared dead – then she is free – now arrested again and freed on bail – along with at least 13 other Zimbabwean activists.  Accused of plotting to overthrow Mugabe’s government.  These include several prominent MDC members – and Tsvangirayi is watching.

Coalition government failing?????

Oh – and we wait to see if Mr Mugabe will extend his invite, to Jacob Zuma’s inauguration, to Tsvangirayi- which was not extended to Mr Tsvangirayi by the ANC (Mr Zuma’s party) as they only recognize one Zimbabwean leader, and left it up to Mr Mugabe to invite Mr Tsvangirayi.  Wonder why Obama refused to attend Jacob Zuma’s inauguration?? They are demanding an explanation… can be a “lolcats” moment…

Gosh – African politics….


Light at the end of the tunnel

So Robbie Keane is off the mark for Liverpool. Well, i have a feeling this is the first of many in a promising season for liverpool, and we’ll be singing happy songs at the end of it all – there is light at the end of the tunnel for sure…

dont know about teh US though.  the contoversy continues with – the hustles continue, and we have to wait and see the effect of US$700billion – whether approved or not…

light at the end of the tunnel for Zimbabwe? Well, with increasing aid and the deal being reached, its promising. As for neighbours South Africa? Well well – now thats something else.  Personally i dont see the light, after sacking Mr Mbeki, and with Jacob Zuma “destined” to take over – it may be another depression unravelling.  or am i just being negative???

Palin vs Biden debate in the States? Well, a little light for the repugnicans, question is can they reach the end of the tunnel where the kight is.  the lady is know to be a good debator, but question is will she come to party when called upon. Dunno about Biden – we wait to see Obama’s reasoning-plagiarising – anyone remember the scandal that sent him into hiding for a bit?

So there is light at the end of a freaking long tunnel if you look at it from an unbiased poin of view and taking into account all parties involved.  Just keep on keeping on.

Priscilla – thisz for ya – keep on keepin on ayt.


Zimbabwe deal done

Well Well

Well Well

The moment we have all been waiting for – well at least here in Africa and mostly in Zimbabwe too.  The power sharing deal in Zimbabwe has been signed, and it looks as though we heading towards a new Zimabwe. Or are we? Looks as though someone is reluctant to shake hands innit.  We now wait and see if anything will come from it.  Read full story here.

Zimbabwe power sharing deal agreed?

The two faces of Zimbabwe

The two faces of Zimbabwe

“Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and President Robert Mugabe have reached a deal to share power.” BBC News

“An agreement has been reached about all the matters on the agenda of the negotiations.”  Thabo Mbeki

“Both political parties are committed, it’s our wish that the deal will be successful.” MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa

Well well well,.  Apparently they are signing on Monday.  Why didnt they just sign today and not make room for any late developments, that is if a conclusion was met at all.  Umm, well, for now we wait and see, seeing as Mugabe hasn’t said anything yet, and was quoted earlier as saying ” “We have not gone anywhere.” “We are still stuck at the same point where those from the Movement for Democratic Change still want to govern.” “They want Mugabe to go.  Where should I go? I can’t go anywhere.” ”

So smiling we are-but not too much till the signatures are there and at least some time has passed with progress reports..

Vive le revolutionaire