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Life can be confusing at times…

LIFE SOMETIMES IS CONFUSE…, originally uploaded by msokal.

going round in circles…walking all over your footprints and not really making any progress..same thing over and over again.
Perfect illustration..and i know everyone has gone through it before. It just takes strength and focus, belief in oneself, acceptance of criticism as building, realising we can’t please all the people all the time – self love, prioritizing, focusing on what and who is important. Prayer changes, remember God will throw you a lifeline not pull you out of the water, so therefore it is always up to you to help yourself out…

Confusing as it may be..light is always at the end of the tunnel.


Free Will, Determinism?

some dude labelled this oke “The modern day Einstein” lol (not in a positive way to those who do not get it) arguing the case of consciousness, being the prime mover of the physical interactions.

Free will? Determinism?